“Crossroads” Centre for Intercultural Creative Initiatives 

“Crossroads” Centre for Intercultural Creative Initiatives is a public culture institution functioning in Lublin since October 2008. It arises from Foundation “Muzyka Kresów” existing from the early 1990′s, which seeks for the roots of experiencing tradition in archaic music. “Crossroads” Centre, with its passion to explore the roots of our culture, wishes to meet and clash utopia’s of twentieth century’s avant-garde. Furthermore – its goal is show the release of energy which comes from fusion of tradition with new forms of art, achieving creative sparkle between the voices of the past and the sophistication of modern art. We wish to meet different cultural idioms – deriving from cultural and etnic miscellany of our world, as well as confronting incommensurable languages of art.

Mirosław Haponiuk – Director of “Crossroads” CICI
Jan Bernad – Artistic Director of “Crossroads” CICI
Anna Gorgol, Anna Horyńska, Eliana Kisielewska, Grzegorz Paluch, Anna Król, Edyta Wołowczyk, Alina Sheyda, Monika Mamińska-Domagalska
Tel: + 48 (81) 466 61 67
Fax: +48 (81) 466 61 64


“Muzyka Kresów” Foundation

“Muzyka Kresów” Foundation was founded in 1991 by artists and scholars based in Lublin. The main aim of the Foundation is to support, present, promote and research traditional culture, especially ethnic and sacral music of the people and ethnic groups from Eastern and Central Europe. The activity of the Foundation includes uniting the intellectual circles in the field of creating of the ethnic and national identity of the peoples in this part of Europe.
Tel. 691 522 806, 782 338 536

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Photo: Roman Reinfuss (from the collection of Museum of Folk Architecture in Sanok)