Monika Mamińska

Lublin / Poland

She graduated from the Catholic University of Lublin (Polish studies). Co-founder of the “Muzyka Kresów” Foundation and its president between 1991-2010. Co-founder of the International Summer School of Traditional Music. At the beginning of her scientific pursuits, she was fascinated by Ukrainian folk songs and received instruction from members of the Kiev-based Drevo ensemble: Hanna Koropnichenko, Irina Klymenko and, first and foremost, Roman Yenenko. Later on, she appreciated the beauty of monodic Polish folk songs, in which she discovered parallels with contemporary music. She believes that Polish folk songs, due to more complex pronunciation and wider range of melodies are, contrary to appearances, harder to perform than, e.g. polyphonic Ukrainian songs. This also concerns reception of the songs by the audience, for they appear simpler and not as attractive as the polyphonic works. Apart from improving the singing technique, she is interested in therapeutic aspects of music and creative interpretation using the open voice, pursuing the truth concerning both rendition and the most important truth – about herself. In the latter process, acceptance of your own voice is extremely helpful. In developing one’s own technique involving working with your body, the main focus is placed on spiritual work. For art reflects our longing for God. She conducted numerous workshops in singing of traditional music; she collaborated during preparation of different performances (primarily of Tadeusz Słobodzianek’s plays featuring actors from Teatr Stary in Cracow, National Theatre in Warsaw, Nowy Theatre in Łódź and The Cyprian Kamil Norwid Theatre in Jelenia Góra). Since 2008, has worked at the “Crossroads” Centre in Lublin.

During the OLDEST SONGS OF EUROPE FESTIVAL 2018, Monika Mamińska will conduct a workshop on traditional Polish songs. Workshop participants: Marianna Bartnik, Joanna Bełzyt, Anna Długosz, Urszula Fussek, Magdalena Jakubowska, Paulina Połowniak, Alina Pospishil, Emilia Rusin and Anna Trawicka will then perform together with Monika Mamińska during the concert on 6th October 2018.

Monika Mamińska
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Photo: Roman Reinfuss (from the collection of Museum of Folk Architecture in Sanok)