Jewhen Jefremow

Kiev / Ukraine

Professor at the Chair of Ukrainian Music History and Folk Music of the National Academy of Music in Kiev, Doctor of Arts, awarded with the Ukrainian Order of Merits for his achievements in the Arts. Founder and leader of the Drevo folk music ensemble. For nearly forty years, he has researched singing techniques practised in the Polesia, Podolia and left-bank Dnieper regions. In his research pursuits, he especially focuses on the Kiev Oblast of the Polesia region, where he conducted extensive field studies starting from 1978. In 1986, after the nuclear disaster, the region became known as the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. His scientific papers address issues related to characteristic features and performing styles practised in different Ukrainian regions, song types by genre and description of forms of polyphonic singing in folk song performance. He also addresses the questions of meaning of old ritual chanting and music teaching methods based on folk songs. Besides scientific, academic and performing activities, he is involved in projects of the Drevo ensemble and conducts master classes in Ukraine and internationally. He has collaborated with “Muzyka Kresów” Foundation since 1991.

During the OLDEST SONGS OF EUROPE FESTIVAL 2018, Yevhen Yefremov will conduct a workshop on traditional Serbian songs. Workshop participants: Dominik Bojar, Andrzej Gołoś, Jacek Majewski, Jura Pastuszenko, Gert Roehrborn, Cezary Szymański, Mateusz Ptasiński and Wójciak will then perform together with Yevhen Yefremov during the concert on 7th October 2018.

Jewhen Jefremow
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Photo: Roman Reinfuss (from the collection of Museum of Folk Architecture in Sanok)