About Festival

The festival presents the oldest pieces of music that prove the long history of traditions present in different corners of Europe. The previous editions attracted dozens of groups and soloists from Albania, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia and Italy. Archaic songs, whose roots can be found in pre-Christian times, are performed by folk artists of different ages, who come from rural and urban communities. They make efforts to reconstruct the old singing techniques and save almost extinct songs.

The festival provides an opportunity to listen to the few songs preserved in different parts of Europe, to the songs which are still alive or have been brought back to life by ethnomusicologists and artists. Each edition of the festival is preceded by a thorough research conducted by ethnomusicologists and various research Centres. The festival is accompanied by workshops of traditional dances, exhibitions, discussions and lectures.

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Photo: Roman Reinfuss (from the collection of Museum of Folk Architecture in Sanok)